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About Us ( ... not always to be taken seriously)

Franz Schabmueller, also known as the "Lion King", is a passionate motorcyclist and rides a BMW R 850R (year of construction 1996) and a Honda CB 500 four (year of construction 1972). He got married 23 years ago and has three children. Besides, he is an entrepreneur, hobby farmer and always active. He was born on July 26, 1954. Franz was infected by the "Zen" virus several decades ago. His motivation to go on the tour is his 50th birthday and the desire to turn back the wheels of time.

His favorite quotes: "There's no no" and "Just do it"

Gregor, the "Bavarian", Schleicher also is a passionate motorcyclist and rides a Ducati 900 Monster. Being an engineer, student, baseball player, hunter he is always chronically suffering from wanderlust and is easily won over. His birthday is September 21, 1978. Gregor was infected with the "Zen"-Virus by the Lion King. He wants to act as a witness for Franz in case Franz' leap in time is successful or - vice versa - support him in case he does not succeed.

His favorite quote: "Never say never"

Franz Schabmueller
Schwanthalerstrasse 25a
85049 Ingolstadt
Phone +49 841 46422
E-Mail: franz@zenride.com/
Gregor Schleicher
Ludwigstrasse 26
85049 Ingolstadt
Phone +49 172 8372736
E-Mail: gregor@zenride.com/

"Our special thanks for all the support go to Birgit Ampsler, Tom Bergsteiner, Marion Eisenmann, Christine Ellis, Manfred Heller, Carsten Hirte, Bernd Janich, Michael Müller, Markus Petry, Sabine Pittroff, Harald Poser, Ziri Rideaux, Michel Schenk, Renate Wagner, Klaus Wegner. Thanks to all our friends and family for their patience and understanding."